•   almost 11 years ago

Making it local and user profile of thier politics

My strength is not on the IT/tech side but I believe I can help with ideas and perspective.

Making this app local, so the user can build in their profile where they can add preference that contain their senator, congressman and all other public officials that are connected to their zip code and even address. Giving the ability the user too track where each of their public officials in their city votes and has a history and bio of the public servant. Also the user can mark if it voted for a specific public official and have built in alerts on votes.

The user will have the ability to send an immediate email to the congressman and also build a group dissent where others connected to the app can join a heated issue voted in congress. Ex. gun laws. Through the app a person frustrated on how a senator voted on the bill could email directly, build a dissent, where other like minded individuals can join and multiple emails could be sent directly to the senators office or create a larger platform through other social media sites - twitter, FB to make an issue public. One big thing is to connect people to the same frustration. It can't be soley as an individual issue, but something that easily groups and communities can form. The user can have part of their profile which provides alert to the issues they are most passionate about with the ability to connect to like minded people in their communities and cities.


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