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Share an existing app

Know of an existing app that can help educate us about the problem of partisan gridlock or enable us to address it? Share a link to the app here. If it looks like a fit for the competition, we'll contact the creators and encourage them to enter.


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    We just posted our app for the competition.
    With our app all citizens can communicate with other citizens for free over the globe.
    Our iTunes link is:

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    My web-app let's us all state what we want so we can know what that is, in our districts, states and the country, so we can hold our elected officials accountable for it. Atop this, we'll build a communication system that reps will want to use to report to us (their part of "being accountable"), whether that means a simple report or to lead us in a particular direction. Challengers can use it as well so we can have real choices in elections and campaigns can be inexpensive.

    By knowing what the people want, legislators can move forward confidently. They still need to do the work of putting together bills and details and implementations, but the data of what people want will be available. They'll no longer have to guess if a direction will cost or gain political capital.

    We have a single form of many-to-many communication, voting. Let's use it powerfully. Try it now on:

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